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"Our Syquest disks were sitting on the shelf for years. The Data Recovery Masters experts were the only ones who knew how to transfer the data from the Syquest disks to CDs." Henderson Contracting

Need files off Syquest Disks?

Syquest 5.25" Cartridges
44 MB and 88 MB and 200 MB
Transfer to CD, Copy and Conversion Services

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Transfer your data from old 5.25" Syquest Cartridges (PC, Windows, MS-DOS, Mac formatted) to CD DVD media.

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5 1/4" 44 MB, 88 MB,, 200 MB Syquest Cartridge Email or Call for rates + details.
5.25" Syquest 44 MB Disks, Syquest 88 MB Disks, Syquest 200 MB Disks  

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Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

SyQuest Removable Cartridge Transfer disk to CD & Data Recovery, Syquest media conversion

SyJet Sparq EzFlyer Removable Hard Disk Cartridge CD DVD Download File transfer include:-
SyQuest SyJet up to 1.5GB SQ1500 Disk Cartridge
SyQuest Sparq up to 1.0GB Disk Cartridge
SyQuest EzFlyer EZ135 135MB ,up to EZ230 230MB Disk Cartridge
Syquest 270MB SQ3270 3.5 inch Removable Disc Cartridge
Syquest 105MB SQ3105 3.5 inch Removable Disc Cartridge
SyQuest 200MB SQ2000 5.25" inch Removable Cartridges Disks
SyQuest 88MB SQ800 5.25" inch Removable Disk Cartridges
SyQuest 44MB SQ400 5.25" Removable Cartridge

Syquest Disks and Data Transfer Recovery to CD DVD
Syquest started as a manufacturer of hard disk drives. However they were more popularly known for a range of removable media cartridge drives aimed at desktop publishing, document information management, pre-press, audio, video, digital photography, data backup and file archiving. Their 5.25" inch removable cartridge drives 44MB,88MB,200MB capacities were commonly used on Apple Mac systems. Their EZDrive systems were equivalent to Iomega ZIP drives, and the Syjet were aimed at the Jaz disks, although Iomega appeared to have faired better than Syquest in the long term. EZFlyer was offered as an uprated version of the EZDrive EZ135. The Sparq drive offered lower storage cost than the Syjet drives but early drives suffered quality problems.
Syquest Drives / media supported by Apex for Data Recovery and File Transfer/Convert to CD DVD include...
SQ555 drive/SQ400 cartridge - 44MB 5.25".
SQ5110 drive/SQ800 cartridge - 88MB 5.25".
SQ5200C drive/SQ2000 cartridge - 200MB 5.25" SQ200.
SQ3105 drive/SQ310 cartridge - 105MB.
SQ3270 drive/SQ327 cartridge - 270MB.
EZ135 EZDrive 135/EZ135 cartridge - 135MB 3.5" removable cartridge disc.
EZFlyer EZFlyer 230 drive/EZ230 cartridge - 230MB 3.5" removable cartridge disk.
SyJet drive/SQ1500 cartridge - 1.5GB removable disk cartridge
SparQ drive/SparQ cartridge - 1.0GB 3.5" removable cartridge drive.

SyQuest Disk Operating Systems and File Systems include
Apple Mac HFS HFS+
Windows NTFS
Linux Ext2 Ext3 etc..

SyQuest SyJet Sparq EzFlyer Typical Disk error messages
Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk

SyQuest SyJet Sparq EzFlyer Disk Transfers include
SyQuest to CD Disc
SyQuest to DVD Disk
SyJet to CD Disc
SyJet to DVD Disk
EZ135 EZDrive to CD Disc
EZ135 EZDrive to DVD Disk
EzFlyer to CD Disc
EzFlyer to DVD Disk
Sparq to CD Disc
Sparq to DVD Disk

Common problems from Syquest discs.
- Corrupted and unopenable files
- Windows prompts you to format.
- Damage to the disk
- Files cannot be listed.
- Disk that contains bad sectors
- Disc that contains bad clusters.
- Accidentally deleted files on floppy disk.
- Undelete files on the floppy disk.
- Virus attack or other lost files on a diskette.

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Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

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