Disk Copy Transfer Service

The Disk Copy Transfer Service is designed to transfer data verbatim in its original file format type from older storage media onto a more current storage media.

Assuming the integrity of your disks is 100%, they have not degraded over time, and there are no issues, they should qualify for our Disk Copy Transfer service. Files are transferred verbatim. We do not modify the files, file type, or file data. Data is usually transferred to CD/ DVD media or USB Flash Drive.

If you believe that your media is not at 100% integrity, contact us regarding Data Recovery services for your media.

File Format Conversion

The File Format Conversion Service is an additional service that can convert old format files into different file formats so they are readable on newer apps and programs. Most files may not need the conversion step. We are able to convert most, yet not all, document file types. We do not convert other file types.

Individual File Format Conversion is an additional service with additional fees that can only be quoted after the Disk Copy Transfer is completed and the type, number, size, and format of the files are known.

How is data recovery handled?

During Data Recovery, we will extract the actual data from your bad, crashed, or burned out drive. Each drive is different, so the outcome in each case is different. We strive to get 100% of the data from your bad drive.

After you submit your drive to us, a diagnostic analysis is performed. Here we find out the problem with the drive, what data can be recovered, and the cost of the recovery. This information is emailed, faxed, or called back to you for your approval.

After we receive your approval, the data is recovered and mastered to a CD, Zip Disk, or new Hard Drive. The data is then UPS back to you. The whole process takes only a few days depending on shipping methods.

We do offer priority service for those clients needing fast turnaround. Call us for more information.

Why do I pay a diagnostic fee?

Each drive is different, so each drive has a different problem. How we recover the data is unique to each drive. The diagnostic tells us how much data we can recover and the time and effort it will take to get that data in working condition. The diagnostic fee is applied towards the cost of the final data recovery.

What operating systems do you recover?

We work with most operating systems including all versions of Windows, Windows Server versions, MAC OS, Linux, and more.

Can I call you with questions?

Yes. Feel free to call one of our Data Recovery experts at (562) 421-7105. Please note that we may not be able to answer specific questions about your particular drive until we have performed a diagnostic on it.

How do I submit my Hard Drive?

Print out the Drive Submission Form. Instructions are on the form including the shipping address and areas for you to fill out your name, address, etc.

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