PC, Dos, Windows Imation SuperDisks

Need files off PC Super Disks?

PC Imation Super Disk 120 and 240 Disk Transfer, Copy and Conversion Service

Fast Turnaround and Processing!
Transfer data from Super Disks to CD/DVD
Transfer your data from old Super Disks (PC, Windows, MS-DOS formatted) to CD/DVD media. (For Mac formatted Super Disks, click here).
  • 1. Submit your old PC formatted Super Disks using the Super Disk submission form.
  • 2. We'll read the data and transfer the files to a CD/DVD or a USB Flash Drive.

PC LS-120 and LS-240 SuperDisk Conversion, Copy & Transfer

LS-120 Imation SuperDisk

LS-240 Imation SuperDisk

$75.00 / each

$85.00 / each

print To print out the SuperDisk Transfer submission form, click here.

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