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"One day our computers just stopped working. Our server had crashed. We sent our drive to CTE Computer Data Recovery and they restored all of our client and billing files back to working order. Fast and friendly service." Law Offices of Steven Pennington

5 1/4 floppy disk drive data retrieval
5.25" Floppy Disk Transfer, Copy
and Conversion Service

Fast Turnaround
Most jobs completed within 24 hours!

Still have valuable data files on old 5.25 Inch floppies (MS-DOS formatted) or the more recent 3 1/2 inch discs laying around and want to 'rescue' and archive their content or transfer the data to CD DVD or other media but don't have the equipment to read them? We are 5 1/4 floppy disk drive +data retrieval experts.

Send your floppies, the Data Submission Form, and the correct fee to the address listed on the form. 

1-10 Floppy Disks $17.00 / each
11-20 Floppy Disks $15.00 / each
20-50 Floppy Disks $10.00 / each

Click to print the submission form.
To print out the Floppy Disc
submission form, click here.

Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

Please number and mark your floppy disks 1, 2, 3, ... and make / keep (for your own use) an inventory list of your disks, so that you know the content of disk 1, 2, ... etc.

Be sure you include your valid email address. We will contact you at the email address you provide.

We will read your disks and pack their content into a ZIP archive, one ZIP file for each disk, named for ..., etc. The disk's DOS directory structure will be preserved.

If you supply a password with your order, it will be used to encrypt the ZIP archive. 

After sending the transferred data files to you, your original disks and copies of the mails will be held on our servers for 7 days, in case something went wrong with the process and you want us to check again. On the 8th day after sending out the ZIP archive emails, all copies of your files data will be deleted and we will discard your floppy disks.

If you would like your original floppies returned to you instead of being destroyed, please enclose an additional shipping fee as listed on the submission form.

Your media and data is strictly confidential. We do not keep any copies of your data files.

Please be aware that your floppy discs are very old now and that we therefore cannot guarantee that your old disks will be technically readable at all. In case that some of your floppy disks are technically unreadable, we will send you an notice about this fact. ("Unable to read and recover the content of disk 1"). Because we will try hard on every disk, no handling or processing fees can be refunded.

We can read both 360 kB and 1.2 MB floppies. If they are not DOS formatted but have other formats (CP/M), we offer to investigate, how a specific format can be read and will discuss those additional job rates with you.

Please note that this Disk Copy Service is for standard format "PC" or "IBM" formats, 256 byte sector disks. Other floppy disks including Commodore, TRS, Televideo, etc. should be submitted using the appropriate Submission Form. If these formats are submitted for Standard Disk Copy Service, we will make an attempt to read them, yet cannot guarantee the results.

If you have any further questions on our Disk Copy Transfer Service, .

Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

Have questions?
Contact us for answers on your data needs.

Check out the FAQ for answers to common questions regarding the data recovery process. Full Hard Drive Data Recovery Submission instructions are here.

CTE Computer Data Recovery Masters has helped companies and individuals across the country. Let us get your data back up and running fast. 


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Still have those old style Zip Disks around? Do you want to get the data that is on those Zip Cartridges?

Our Zip Disk Transfer Service is the answer. Your data will be transfered off your 100 MB Zip Cartridges, your 250 MB Zip Disks, or your 750 MB Zips. Your data will then be mastered to a CD or DVD.

Mac Zip Disks and PC Zip Disks and DOS Zip Cartridges are processed fast.

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