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"Our Syquest disks were sitting on the shelf for years. The Data Recovery Masters experts were the only ones who knew how to transfer the data from the Syquest disks to CDs." Henderson Contracting

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Still have valuable data files on old format disks laying around and want to 'rescue' and archive their content or transfer the data to CD DVD or other media?

Send your media and the Data Submission Form (below) to the address listed on the form.

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3.5" Magneto-Optical MO Call for rates

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Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

MO Disks Types, Transfer & Data Recovery
Magneto-Optical disks were originally 5.25" or 130mm. They look like the old style dvd cartridges with a cd inside. The data is recorded on both sides of the disk and the disk has to be turned over to read the other side. The disk reflective coating can be seen by pulling back the aluminium slider. The recording is made by a laser heating the disks magnetic layer so altering its magnetic state.

The 130mm MO Disks are often employed in company document management storage and retrieval systems. Optical libraries automate loading and storing of the disks. and may hold 16 or more disks and connected by SCSI to a host computerand incorporates archive software to store indexes of data and select disks. Popular uses were for legal document storage and medical imaging. Maxoptix is a major manufacturer of 130 mm or 5.25" magneto optical drives.

The 90mm 3.5" inch MO discs were more commonly used by consumers. They look like a thicker version of a 1.44MB floppy disk. Vendors were initially NeXT and Canon followed by Fujitsu, Sony and PDO Konica Minolta. Fujitsu and Sony expanded the GIGAMO Standard to 2.3GB. Gigamo was supported by Olympus Optical, Konica Teijin Hitachi Maxell Mitsubishi Ritek, Shima Seiki. The Gigamo products were used for high-speed file backup for commercial systems such as telephone switches and Automated Teller Machines, and for storing and working with digital video and photos. They were popular with Apple Mac users.

Also legacy systems data transfer. We have handled many proprietray file system storage applications and extracted the data to more modern media for access by Windows PCs, Macs or Network storage.

DICOM MOD Magneto-Optical Disks
Data Transfer includes for Zeiss Visupac medical systems and records, Phillips PET-CT medical diagnostic system MOD archive. We have also transferred Dicom from disks which have become corrupt especially for the old Marconi and Philips SeleCT CT scanners . The disks were showing blank but we restored access to the DICOM files and transferred them to DVDs or hard drives.

PCDoc PCDocSE PC Doc SE MOD Magneto-Optical Disks
This system was used by Ministry of Defence, Stock Exchanges and other as a document archive, storage and retrieval system. We have experience in extracting the documents from these Legacy file systems to more modern medai that can be readily accessed from Windows computer or on a network drive.

PD 650 MB Cartridge by Panasonic LM-R650J & 3M PD650 Transfer
A disk that is frequently categorised as a DVD-RAM or MO disk (but which is not they were recorded using Phase Change Dual), was produced by Panasonic & 3M during the early 1990's as a pre-cursor to the DVD-RAM. They were not widely popular and were only in production for a short time. We can transfer data files from the Panasonic PD Cartridge LM-R650J & 3M PD 650 Single Sided Rewriteable 650MB optical disks to say a regular CD for use in a Windows PC Computer or Apple Mac.
See our CD DVD DVD-RAM recovery & file data transfer section.

Corel, Panasonic LF & Plasmon LM WORM Optical Disk Cartridge Transfer
These optical disk cartridge came in a variety of sizes inc 940MB 1.4GB 1GB 1.5GB. They usually use a very rare file system with signatures such as IBM CRL2, Corel/cpk for PC DOS FAT and Apple Mac HFS computer systems. Model Numbers were P940C P1400C P1002E P1500E LM-R1500A LM-D500W LM-D501W LM-D702W LM-R1400A LM-W1400A. They look similar to other 5.25 inch MO disks except they have 3 notches or holes down the right side of the casing and again were phase change technology. Inside they look simialr to a DVD-RAM but they cannot be read using a DVD-RAM drive. The disks were double sided WORM (Write Once Read Many) and had capacities per side of 470MB/Side, 500MB/Side 700MB/Side 750MB/Side.

MO disk makes and types for file data extraction or data recovery
3M ALPHATRONIX ATG Sony Fujitsu Hewlett Packard HP Hitachi IBM Imation Kodak KOMAG MaxOptix Maxell Panasonic Philips Pioneer Pinacle Media Plasmon Fuji PDO Media Rigidata Teijin TDK Verbatim, Fujitsu Dynamo Gigamo 2.3 GB Write-Once MO WORM Disks Overwrite MOD. Disks from Optical Jukeboxes and Drives.

5.25" inch 9.1GB MO Magneto Optical Disk (MOD) 130mm
5.25" inch 8.6GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 5.2GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 4.8GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 4.1GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 2.6GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 2.3GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 1.3GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 1.2GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 650MB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 600MB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm

3.5" inch 90mm 128MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc (MOD)
3.5" inch 90mm 230MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 540MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 640MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 1.3GB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 2.3GB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc

5.25" inch Phase Change Optical Disk Cartridges
P940C P1400C P1002E P1500E LM-R1500A LM-D501W LM-D702W LM-R1400A LM-W1400A, 940MB 1.4GB 1GB 1.5GB.

Recover media from following magneto optical drives & jukeboxes ....
SONY RMO-S561 5.25" 9.1GB MO DISC SCSI Drive
HP 9.1G Optical Drive C1113M SMO-F561-01
Sony SMO-F561 optical drive (SMOF561)
201248-000 9.1GB Optical Magneto
Sony SMO-S551 5.2GB MO optical drive
Sony SMO-F551-99 5.2GB MO optical drive
Sony SMO-F541 5.25 IN. H/H 2.6GB
Sony SMO-D501-21 Internal 650mb 5.25"
HP SureStore Optical 600fx drive
HP SureStore Optical 1300Tdrive C2550A/B/C
HP SureStore Optical 2600fx drive C1114F
HP SureStore Optical 5200ex drive C1114J
HP SureStore Magneto-Optical Jukeboxes 80fx, 160fx, 200fx, 160ex, 320ex, or 400ex
Optical libraries such as Hewlett Packard 40XT,
Sony SMO D501-13 in AKAI DD-1000 digital audio-workstation

Sony RW Optical Disks
EDM-1DA1-s 512KB Sector 500MB
EDM-1DA0-s 1KB Sector 600MB
EDM-128 128 MB
EDM-230 230 MB
EDM-540 540 MB
EDM-640 640 MB
EDM-600-B 600 MB MBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-650-B 650 MB MBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-650C MO-disks (5.25" , 1024 bytes/sector , double-sided , rewritable , 650 MB , cartridge-type).
EDM-1200-B 1.2 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-1300-B 1.3 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-2300-B 2.3 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-2600-B 2.6 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-4100-B 4.1 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-4800-B 4.8 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-5200-B 5.2 GB GBytes 2048 Byte/sector
EDM-8600-B 8.6 GB GBytes 2048 Byte/sector
EDM-9100-B 9.1 GB GBytes 4096 Byte/sector
ED1-9100-B 9.1 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
ED5-9100-B 9.1 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
Sony WORM Disks
CWO-650-B 650 MBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-1200-B 1.2 GBytes 512 Bytes/sector
CWO-1300-B 1.3 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-2300-B 2.3 GBytes 512 Bytes/sector
CWO-2600-B 2.6 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-5200-B 5.2 GBytes 2048 Bytes/sector
CWO-8600-B 8.6 GBytes 2048 Bytes/sector
CWO-9100-B 9.1 GBytes 4096 Bytes/sector
HP Rewriteable RW & WORM Optical Disks
88146J HP 5.2GB 2048bps
88147J HP 5.2GB 2048bps
92279F HP 2.3GB 512bps
92280F HP 2.6GB 1024bps
92280T HP 1.3GB 1024bps
92290F HP 2.6GB 1024bps
92290T HP 1.3GB 1024bps
92280A HP 650MB 1024bps

3.5 inch 90mm Proprietray system MO disks file recovery
Shima Seiki Rewriteable Magneto Optical Disk SMO-230

Typical Disk error messages
Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk

Magneto-Optical MO Disks Data Recovery for Folders & Files
We have specialists, equipment, and knowledge for Sony MO Disks to bring your lost files back. We also do data CD DVD Disc transfers for Magneto Optical MO Disks or convert MO Disks to CD or DVD

Magneto-Optical MO Disk Operating Systems and File Systems include
Apple Mac HFS HFS+ MO Disk CD DVD Transfer
Windows NTFS
Linux Ext2 Ext3 etc..

MO Typical Disk Cartridge error messages
Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk

MO Transfer to DVD or CD includes
Verbatim Sony Maxell Fujitsu TDK Imation Hewlett Packard HP MaxOptix Optimem, Sharp, Cygnet, DISC, NKK, Fuji PDO Media Teijin IBM, Panasonic, Dynatek Pioneer, Kodak, Laser, Magnetics, Wang, Ricoh, Plasmon, Pinnacle Micro, Hitachi, Canon, ATG, Toshiba, LMSI, Niko.
Magneto Optical MO Disk Cartridge to CD Disc
Magneto Optical MO Disk Cartridge DVD Disk

If you have any further questions on our Disk Copy Service, Contact us.

Hard Drive Recovery, Crashed Drive repair, crashed hard drive recovery, data recovery

Have questions?
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Check out the FAQ for answers to common questions regarding the data recovery process. Full Drive Submission instructions are here.

CTE Computer Data Recovery Masters has helped companies and individuals across the country. Let us get your data back up and running fast. 


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