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"We let go an employee only to discover the employee had sent, via email, confidential company information to a competitor. The employee attempted to cover their tracks by deleting files on their computer. CTE Data Recovery Masters was able to recreate the email messages proving the employee's theft of our confidential data. Thanks Data Recovery Masters!" McMullen Services

Forensic Research and Recovery

When the need arises to recover data that may be potentially left on a hard drive, contact CTE Data Recovery Masters. We can scavenge the data media for old emails, documents, and more.

Much of the time, a trail or history is left on a hard drive, even after the data has been deleted using conventional means. An employee or user may have deleted sensitive information or corresponded with questionable emails. The computer user may have even attempted to hide their activity by deleting the incriminating data. In many cases we can recover and recreate the data and the data trail for you. 

The electronic evidence recovered off of a hard drive can be a very compelling tool.

If dealing with a Court related issue, our staff is available to testify in Court as to our findings. We provide an expert witness if necessary.

Full confidentiality is assured. Since Forensic data recreation is unique and different from straight data recovery, please contact us to discuss your Forensic needs. Email or call us at (562) 421-7105.


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Have questions?
Call our Data Recovery Experts at (562) 421-7105.

Check out the FAQ for answers to common questions regarding the data recovery process. Full Drive Submission instructions are here.

CTE Computer Data Recovery Masters has helped companies and individuals across the country. Let us get your data back up and running fast. 


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