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"Our first and only trip to Hawaii was a thrill! My husband and I took hundreds of pictures of us and our kids visiting the various sites. When we got home, we discovered the best 50 pictures were no longer on our camera's memory card. What a disaster! A friend told us to call CTE Data Recovery Masters. We did and they did just what they said they were going to do. They recovered all 50 of our pictures. Now we have the photo memories to remember that great family vacation." Sue Burke

Camera Memory Recovery

Camera Memory is common place today. It is a small and fast media to store pictures and more. Unfortunately, Camera Memory has it's own share of issues that can cause the loss of your treasured pictures and vacation memories.

If you have lost the pictures or files or your Camera Memory, or your computer will not see any file names on your camera's memory card, STOP. Do not attempt to run any software or utility on the memory card. This can make the recovery more difficult. 

Submit the Camera Memory to CTE - Data Recovery Masters for recovery. Let us restore your photos and picture memories. In most cases, we are able to recover your images and copy them to CD Media.

Fill out the Camera Media Submission Form to take the first step in recovering your photos.


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Call our Data Recovery Experts at (562) 421-7105.

Check out the FAQ for answers to common questions regarding the data recovery process. Full Drive Submission instructions are here.

CTE Computer Data Recovery Masters has helped companies and individuals across the country. Let us get your data back up and running fast. 


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Still have those old style Zip Disks around? Do you want to get the data that is on those Zip Cartridges?

Our Zip Disk Transfer Service is the answer. Your data will be transfered off your 100 MB Zip Cartridges, your 250 MB Zip Disks, or your 750 MB Zips. Your data will then be mastered to a CD or DVD.

Mac Zip Disks and PC Zip Disks and DOS Zip Cartridges are processed fast.

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